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Outsourcing Package

Whatever the business – there is always a continued need for resources and if you don’t get it right – it can cost you time and money.

At Konnect Koncepts we believe that a great solution can never be “one size fits all”. With each solution based on our core practices our solutions are designed to take in to account your businesses individual needs, goals, culture and budget to name a few.

Most businesses usually rely on people already in the company or on expensive recruitment agencies offering a generic service. The issues with these are generally:
  • Agencies have a limited focus on your unique business needs, culture and brand.
  • Agencies are also maintaining your competitors at the same time.
  • Internal teams are not scalable.
  • Internal teams are not generally experts in this field.
  • Internal teams can be very busy and do not have the time to recruit.
    • We don't think that this is fair, and we believe there should be a professional, dedicated and cost-efficient recruitment solution for all businesses.

What can we do for you?

  • Konnect Koncepts works with you to build a comprehensive understanding of your needs and culture to make the hiring process more efficient.
  • We can design and deliver a dedicated career portal for your business that can easily advert for your vacancies at the same time provide more information about your business, culture and environment.
  • Working with you to establish a recruitment process for your business.
  • We can manage the entire hiring process, from scoping to offer, including all sourcing and selection, or work in conjunction with your existing resource or managers.
  • We write and place advertisements, including social media platforms and deal with all candidates approaching your business.  .
  • We present the hiring managers with fully screened shortlists of candidates for each role.
  • You have access to Konnect Koncepts as and when you need them for your recruitment needs.
For a reasonable fixed monthly fee, we work with you when you need us, whether it's once a month or daily.  We are simply a phone call away.  We can visit you on-site to meet with managers or other key stakeholders.  

Our solutions are risk-free and after the first six months you do not feel that the service is working for you and your business, we’ll ensure that all information is nicely transferred to you.  All that we ask is that you give us the support and the information that we need to do our job as well as possible.
Benefits of using an outsourced provider
By allowing an outsourced provider to manage all or some aspects of resourcing and talent, you and your business receive the following:
  • Standard reduced pricing:
  • Branded Career Portal / Web Page: 
  • We understand your business, values, culture and objective.
  • Improved Time Management: 
  • Consolidated Process:  
  • 90-Day Replacement Policy
Call us today and let us take the hassle of recruiting your amazing team. 

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