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Employers Frequently Asked Questions

YES you could – But do you have time? Are you able to source the right candidates? We will reduce the hassle, time and costs of recruitment for you. – CONTACT US NOW
YES – For third party Job-boards (Seek, Trademe, LinkedIn, etc) we will charge you for advertising. These prices will be discussed with you prior to the advert going live. For those clients that have RPO services with Konnect Koncepts, certain third party job-boards will be included in the monthly charges.
Depending on the position and requirements of the role, we offer a variety of pre-employment assessments and checks. For those clients that have RPO services with Konnect Koncepts, certain unbundled may be included. Please contact us for more information.
We are a generalist provider, we are happy to recruit any roles across all industries.
We will make time to come and visit you on site. We want to see the environment, team that makes the role important to potential candidates. The more information we take from you, the better we are at finding someone that fits your requirements.
YES – We have a few clients that have HR managers and working with them is just as important as working with the Hiring manager. We are here to help the team. We become an important extension to the HR team and the business as a whole.
Konnect Koncepts has contacts across various regions and we are happy to organise everything for our clients. We also be immigration liaison for those successful candidates.

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